Monday, November 29, 2010

Presenting "Mother Goose, A Picture Book for Kindle"

“Mother Goose, A Picture Book for Kindle” is now available in the Amazons Kindle Book Store for $2.99. This book has thirty rhymes and about forty different images. This is not intended to be a complete anthology of all know Mother Goose Rhymes but a sampler which allows a parent or grand parent to introduce the Kindle to their children and explain that the Kindle is just another way that books are presented.

The only way to help your children across the digital divide which will separate the “haves” from the “have nots” is get them familiar with computer tools as young as possible. Older children who know that the Kindle is a book can download many of the classics for free.

It is unfortunate that more kindle book presenters are not incorporating the graphics that attract young people to reading. This book proves that it is indeed possible and if there is any great amount of interest, I will try to develop more picture books for Kindle targeted to the young readers.

So far the book has been receiving rave reviews for the intended purpose. It has allowed my daughter to demonstrate that the Kindle is really just a different way to present books. My Granddaughter's (4, 7 and 11) are very familiar with their computers for coloring applications, dressing fashion dolls, and playing games but have avoided the Kindle in favor of real books. Now they can understand that the kindle is a real book and as they grow out of picture books be ready for their own Kindles.

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