Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blanche Fisher Wright and Jerlyn Thomas.

Both artists of Mother Goose Rhymes were doing the best they could at the time when they designed their graphics for Mother Goose. When the Real Mother Goose was originally published in 1916, there was no television, colored movies or even colored photos, so the only method was printed books or individually painted pictures. Since book publishing was limited by the available range of colored inks at the time, the only truly bright color in the mostly pastel book illustrated by Wright is the color Red.

As an example of drawings by Wright, I am using the previously presented pussycat in both color and black and white so you can compare Jerlyn's vision of the rhyme with that of the Real Mother Goose published in 1916.
At the time Jerlyn started designing, their were 216 basic colors for web design and of course their was black and white for monochromatic monitors. Now there are millions of colors so I am sure if Jerlyn were to do the images over, they would be a lot different today. But I will leave that task to the next generation of designers as both Jerlyn Thomas and I move on with our lives.

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